About us

Maji Masafi Initiative and Maji Masafi Inc. is a group of Kenyans and Americans that believe in creating community programs that provide sustainable resources. Each member of the group brings a different experience, expertise and commitment to the idea that the water crisis in Kenya can be solved by empowering the very communities that are the most affected.    

Maji Masafi Initiative is a Kenyan NGO, created to implement the organizations in country objectives of the Community Water Investment Program. The NGO is comprised of the Founder and Director Mark Steele and two young and enthusiastic Kenyans board members, Euginia Konya, Operations Manager, and Elisabeth Kanuri, Education Officer. 

Maji Masafi Inc. is the US affiliate created to organize and implement fundraising, organizational over site and management of the various programs. It is comprised of Mark Steele, Founder and President and Board members.  

The mission of Maji Masafi is to work directly with Kenyan communities, and provide necessary resources to fund, construct and manage community based water projects. The water projects will provide access to clean water, and provide education in health, hygiene, and women’s empowerment.

The shortage of clean water in Kenya creates a national health and economic crisis. The solution to the water crisis needs to be a partnership of ideas and cooperation that leads to the empowerment of people through the development of community and resources.

To help ensure that access to clean water in rural Kenyan communities is no longer a crisis and to promote and empower women.