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Women helping women and getting it done


The women have taken ownership of the project right from the beginning. They got directly involved with all aspects from community planning to construction to management and maintenance. They have carried stones and mixed concrete, they have created management plans,maintenance logs, conflict resolution agreements and self governance guidelines. They are empowering themselves to make their lives and the lives of their families better.


The training sessions started out with 10 to 15 participants and in some villages have grown to over 40 participates. This shows what women can do with a little help and support.

IMG_3458 IMG_2132

The women have been eager to get involved. Here they are helping to set the security grill and dig a trench for the installation of the water taps trough structure. Soon this first phase of the Nasaru Project with be in full swing with regular water delivery to all of the communities.

Construction Process

Planning – After attending several stakeholders meetings in Magadi MMI came up with the idea of installing 10,000 liter water tanks in some of the villages hardest hit by the drought. Clean water would then be delivered once a week from the Magadi Soda Foundation water boozer truck. Based on community input and analyzing previous projects this was the best short term solution to the crises.

IMG_3355 IMG_3270Materials and delivery – The materials were sourced in Nairobi and delivered to each village by lorry. The metal security grills for were fabricated and the cut stones came from a local quarry.

When the materials arrived at each Village the women and the men would helped unload the materials and the women’s group lenders were charged with securing the materials until they could be put in place.

Platform design – Each tank sits a top an elevated concrete platform. We excavate a shallow perimeter ditch about 12” deep, lay down bed of concrete and build a stone foundation about 2 ½ feet high. The center of the foundation is then filled with local stone and sand. The security grills on top of the stones and a concrete slab is poured over the top of the whole foundation securing the grill in place.

IMG_3437 IMG_3439

IMG_3444 IMG_3448 We hire a local Fundi/contractor to help with building the foundation and platform.

IMG_3454 IMG_3458

In each Village the women would show up before the days training sessions and collect stones to be placed in the center of the foundation and help with installing the grills.

IMG_1841 IMG_3734

When the tanks where delivered the women would pushed them into place.