Start of Training Sessions

Maji Masafi director start training sessions in Ilaramatak

Maji Masafi director Euginia Konya starts training sessions in Ilaramatak.

 A good start: Despite the challenging heat and rain, 30 women turned out for the training sessions. This was very encouraging and more women than was expected.

Euginia introduced the project objectives and explained how and why the project is designed with them taking on a central role. Women introduced themselves and talked about the challenges they have faced with the water crisis and the benefits having access to water would bring to the community. Next they talked about water management, local resources, past projects and how to avoid some of the past mistakes.

The women liked the fact that Euginia wears pants, drives a car and tell the fundis (construction workers) what to do. They were excited to see a woman in charge.

After class we provided juice and bread and the women talked a little more openly about their experience. Some of the hardships that these women endure daily would crush most people. They are really quite remarkable.


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