Sustainability – Women are the Key

Women's group organizational meeting

In this picture we handed out Nasaru Water Project T- shirts. The t-shirts were designed and printed by US volunteers and shipped to Kenya . The women were thrilled to have them. The word got out and at the next meeting some 50 women showed up to participate. A little can mean a lot here.

Why women - Women are the key because they are the ones most affected and the silent backbone of the community. They are responsible for water collection and caring for their families, but with few resources they are basically left to fend for themselves. They walk long distances, are forced to use contaminated water and their children miss school. These are just some of the reasons they are highly motivated to find a solution.

In the spring and summer of 2012, MMI Operations Director, Euginia Konya, met with the women in each village. We conducted a series of interviews and conversations with the women to better understand their situation and find out what they thought were the problems and solutions. We came to understand the conditions that these women faced everyday and used these interactions to help develop a curriculum for the training program. The training and education sessions are specifically designed toaddress the issues that Masai women face. Some of the issues are environmental and some are cultural.


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  1. Chassey

    While my story doesn’t compare to what some women are up against around the world, I empathize. Having had to work my way up in a predominantly male profession, construction, I understand the difficultly women can face when all they want is a chance at something better. I believe what you are doing here, in conjunction with the water, will make a bigger impact that what you even envision.

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