Good Partners Make the Difference ! 

MOU Signing

Maji Masafi Initiative and The Magadi Soda Foundation sign a Memorandum of Understanding

A year of planning – When I was there in January 2013 we signed a MOU agreement with Magadi Soda Foundation. Tata Chemicals, the parent company of The Magadi Soda Foundation, will partner with MajiMasafi on the Nasaru Water Project by supplying fresh water once a week from the water boozer truck. MMI will supply the training, materials and project management. The community will supply security and local labor. This was the culmination of a year’s worth of community organization, planning and preparation and signaled the official start of the project.

About Tata – Tata Chemicals has been mining soda ash in Magadi since the early 1900′s. They have forged an unusual relationship with the Masai and have done an incredible amount of community service. They have invested in all aspects of community life such as: building schools, a hospital, providing scholarships, transportation, water projects and much more. We attended some of their community stakeholder meetings and were impressed. Their integrated management style  includes all levels of the Masai community to address and solve problems. They have been very gracious hosts and a great partner in the development and planning of the Nasaru Water Project.


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