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Emergency Water Relief Program

Maji Masafi has initiated a phase called the Emergency Water Relief Program to address the short term goal of providing reliable, consistent water while the long term infrastructure is built upon.

During the dry season – August to November – water resources in Magadi are strained, and the few access options to clean water that exist are stretched to the breaking point.

The change in the quality of life when the villages get the clean water they need is noticeably evident to anyone who witnesses it. But that is being threatened because of the huge demand and the lack of infrastructure. The water is not being delivered as regularly as it should be.

We need to take matters into our own hands and help the women of this area continue to implement the program and solve this problem through the Emergency Water Relief Program.

MMI made arrangements to rent a water boozer truck and a driver from Nairobi. Once a week, the driver will take the truck to the main water point in Magadi and fill up one 10,000 liter tank for each village. This process of back and forth from the water source to the villages will take the entire day.

The women of these villages have already shown signs of great progress. They plan to help offset the costs of the service by selling the water for 20ksh for 40 liters. MMI will cover the remaining costs at about $400 per week. The most exciting thing about this plan is that it came from these women, not us. They are personally taking on accountability for their growth, both personally and as a whole – that, in itself, is success in the making!