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Initial Water Delivery

Emergency Water Relief Program (EWRP)

Not without it’s share of bumps in the road, we’re happy to report that the initial water delivery of the EWRP was a huge success.

October 1, 2013
The day started early – about 6:30 AM…

and would wrap up some 17 hours later.  

First, the driver had to be physically shown the driving plan to make sure all 5 villages would receive their water.

Then authorization had to be gained from the water management.

Followed by the long process of filling the boozer truck at the water source.

5  1/2 hours later the truck pulled up to it’s first delivery point, Illaramatack Village.

Multiple trips and into night it continued until all points were reached, Kamukuru being the last stop.

Car mechanical problems; being short-handed; waiting on military trucks to fill; and working until midnight are nothing  compared to the shouts of joy heard as the truck pulled up in the villages to deliver fresh water.


As the tank is being filled, women start showing up to fetch water.
 “God sent” said some of the women.

Here you can see the line developing in Nasemiti.  They arrive and line up their cans, all
filling their cans at the same time so their is no misunderstanding later of who got what.

One of the exciting aspects of the program is the villages’ desire to participate.  The women of the Naserian Community organize payment for their portion of the boozer truck rental.

Your donations help make huge strides like these possible.
This is only one step down a long road to a sustainable future.