Emergency Water Relief Program

As apart of the Nasaru Water Tank Project, Maji Masafi has initiated an emergency water relief program (EWRP) in Magadi, Kenya as a short term solution to the water crisis. It will provide reliable, consistent water while the infrastructure for long term sustainability is developed.

During the dry season, form October to January water resources in Magadi are strained and what ever access there is to clean water is stretched to the breaking point. We have seen the change in the quality of life when the villages get clean water regularly, but that is being threatened, because of the huge demand and the lack of infrastructure. The water is simply not being delivered regularly. We need to take matters into our own hands and help the women continue the program; thus, the emergency water relief program.

We are renting a water boozer truck and driver from Nairobi once a week. It is driven to the main water point in Magadi where it collects 10,000 liters on each trip, enough to fill the tank in one village. The women will sell the water for 20ksh for 40 liter to help pay for the costs and MMI with cover the remaining costs of about $400 per week. We can stabilize the villages and provide clean water and help return some of the quality of life that everyone deserves.

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