Illaramatak Village

Illaramatak is the 1st water point in the project and about 11km north of Magadi. It has an estimated population of 240 people. The Village is spread out over several square miles and is made up of small groups of 4 to 5 manayattas--houses made from mud and sticks. The houses look so much like the environment you can drive right pass them and not even know they are there.

This area is one of the driest areas along the main road with very little vegetation. It overlooks Lake Magadi, which is basically a giant salt flat. They are completely dependent on the water they get from the water boozer truck. A pipe that was installed a few years ago completely bypassed Illaramatak for some reason.

From the beginning the women in Illaramatak have been very excited and involved in the project. This was the first village we began the training in and was the first to receive a delivery of clean water from the water boozer truck to their water tank. The women take this project and their responsibility in it very seriously and see it as a solution that they are making happen.