Kamakuru Village

Kamukuru is the 5th water point in the project and about 111km north of Magadi. It’s the first village that we met with when we first started investigating work in the area. They live in something of a no-man's-land and were really struggling. Located too far from Magadi for the boozer truck to travel, they were never in consideration for access to the water pipeline and not close enough to receive resources from the next town north, Oletepesi.

The village is located in the flood plain and a seasonal river runs just to the east of the village. In the raining season they get torrential downpours that flood everything including the main road, stopping traffic to and from Magadi. They do capture some rain water using catchments but generally this water is not very clean and only last a month or so.

The women do what they can to get water, utilizing local silanges (damns) or digging deep holes in the river bed to hold reserves. This water quickly becomes contaminated though.