Naserian Village

The 4th water point in the project is about 79km north of Magadi. Naserian is another small village along the main road stretching from Kamukuru (the northernmost village in the program) to Magadi. Along with Oldonyo it is the center of community activity and has a few stone structures, a church and some micro business development. The municipal water pipe line never ran far enough north to reach Naserian although it was originally planned to.

The women have to either fetch water from the army camp (which bears its own risks), walk long distances for contaminated water or wait by the side of the road for the water boozer truck. They have no way of knowing when or even if the boozer is coming and if it does whether it will stop and allow them to fill the jerry cans.

By training the women to manage the project and by reducing the risks of getting water from the army camp or traveling long distances the project has created the foundation for a sustainable solution to this problem.