Nesimiti Village

Nesimiti is the 3rd water point in the project and about 51km north of Magadi. It has some framed buildings with corrugated metal siding and roofing. The pipeline project did provide water for a time but as with the Oldonyo Nyokie market, it is no longer proviging water. The village has about 550 to 600 residents and like many of the other village they are spread across many square miles. They live in mayatta’s--mud huts—in groupings of 4 to 5 homes.

The women in this village basically have three choices to get water. Travel 25 miles to Magadi, wait for the boozer truck which comes occasionally, or use local contaminated water.

The Nasaru Water Project is providing regular water deliveries and helping relieve this constant strain. At the same time it is helping build organizational structure through the training of women groups to manage and maintain the water tanks. The children can now attend school rather than help their mothers fetch water, creating greater educational opportunities for the entire village.