Oldonyo Nyokie Market

The 2nd water point in the project and about 29km north of Magad. Oldonye-Nyokie is the central market place and the location of the senior Chief’s office for the Oldonyo-Nyokie Group Ranch. Oldonyi-Nyokie Group Ranch has 20 to 30 small villages spread out over the area about the size of a US county. Thursday is market day and the time that many public meetings and gatherings happen. This was the location of the Baraza meeting we had when we addressed Masai leaders under the shade of a large tree.

International NGO’s have built a school, a dormitory and a water catchment in the village. The water from the catchment structure is for the school only and the local residents don’t benefit form it. A 33 km pipeline running from Magadi to Nasamiti, the Village to the north was installed a few years ago but has been plagued with problems and security issues and is no longer functioning.

By using the construction for the water tanks to help create a curriculum focusing on current and future sustainable solutions to this crises the Nasaru water project has been able to reduce the distances that the women have to travel while providing clean water and a healthier environment.