The Team

Maji Masafi Initiative

Board Members
Mark Steele - Co Founder, Director and President
Elisabeth Kanuri – Board Member, Treasurer   
Joyce Okere - Board member, Secretary

Euginia Konya – Co Founder, Operations Director

Maji Masafi Inc.

Board Member
Mark Steele - Founder, Director and President
Donna Smithey - Board Member
Kevin Anderson – Board Member 
Mark Kennedy - Board Member 

Advisory Board
Tom Suminski
Joseph Konya
Amanda Steele
Natasha Njoki  

Team Profiles

 Mark Steele

Mark Steele has been involved in community and real estate development in Chicago, Missouri, Arizona, North Dakota, St Lucia, Aruba and East Africa for over 24 years. He has a great deal of experience in developing community based projects with an emphasis on integrated design and sustainable development. Projects include development of affordable housing, seniors housing, sustainable & energy efficient design, natural building, LEED rated projects, community redevelopment, workforce development, single family homes and multi unit residential and commercial buildings.

Mark grew up on the south side of Chicago in Hyde Park and was heavily influenced by the cross cultural environment of the south side and Hyde Park area. After high school Mark worked as professional musician for 10 years. Playing and performing in Chicago’s jazz and blues clubs. He has studied Tai Chi & Kung Fu martial arts with Master Cho Zhang for the past 12 year and speaks English and Kiswahili.

Mark is serious about economic and social diversity and has recently founded an NGO, Maji Masafi Initiative, in Kenya, and an NFP in the US, Maji Masafi Inc. Together they have creating the Community Water Reinvestment Program designed to help bring economic development and access to clean water to people in rural Kenya.

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Euginia Nafula Konya

Euginia Nafula Konya is deeply interested in community affairs and has worked with Uganda Friends of Africa AMREF for a number of years. She volunteered as a project assistant and used her organizational skills to help manage community projects that visit the elderly, sick, poor and disadvantaged children. She is currently the Field Operations Officer for Maji Masafi Initiative and has been an important contributor to its creation and organizational development.

As many young professionals in Nairobi, she is passionate about making a difference and shaping a brighter future for her Country. MMI has given her a great platform to be more directly involved in solving one of the country’s worst problems, access to clean water. She believes that everyone has the right to clean water regardless of their economic or ethnic background. She has a great sense of humor and a natural gift for working with rural communities helping to organize and educate the women’s and youth groups.

She is a college graduate with a degree in Information Technology and Administration Management. She has worked in the private sector as an administrative assistant, which enabled her to develop the necessary skills do to the community organization work she is now involved in.

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Elizabeth Kanuri

Elizabeth Kanuri is passionate about generating positive change in the community and making meaningful contribution to society both local and international level. Elizabeth has been working in the special education field for the past seven years. She has immense experience in the areas of education, health, advocacy and organizational development.

Elizabeth has also has extensive experience in working in the NGO sector in the areas of projects and grants managements, administration and publicity. Her interest lies in working with kids/persons with special needs, marginalized women/youth and hard to reach communities. She has vast experience in the field of special education having worked with different organizations at different capacities.

She is a trained special education teacher, a peer educator and a trained facilitator specializing in education, health issues and economic empowerment forums.  Elisabeth has attended various trainings on HIV/AIDS related issues, leadership mentorship and capacity building. Elizabeth likes spending quality time with children and devotes her time and resources to making children happy. She also spends quality time with her family and friends and loves traveling.

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Donna Smithey

Ms. Smithey has a diverse background with over 30 years in real estate related professional experience. Areas of her work include construction management, project management, public finance, affordable housing, master planning, real estate development, job training, construction management, program design, public education and community planning.

Ms. Smithey has extensive experience with non-profit organizations. During her career, Ms. Smithey's work in real estate development has included several thousand units of affordable housing in both new construction or rehab, small and large condominium buildings, public finance, master planning projects, seniors housing for both rental and ownership, commercial development, client representation for sale or purchase of property, cooperative housing, facility development and program planning.

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Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a native born Chicago and grew up on the Westside and Oak Park.  Kevin graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in 1984 with a BS in Education. He got married in 1999 and had two kids Ananda and Aleia and moved to Atlanta in 2001 and has spent five years in education working in Atlanta high schools. Kevin found a calling assisting at risk students and working with second chance education programs at Cook County jail for incarcerated youth.

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Mark Kennedy

After graduating with a degree in physics Mark has invested his efforts primarily in the arts; working in film, theater, and studying photography. His extensive mutlimedia experience will be crucial in helping us share our work with the world. He also enjoys studying systems, whether they be mechanical or human. For him, a fitting contribution to the world would be to make some of both kinds work just a little bit more smoothly.

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Mark Steele

Mark Steele - Founder, Director and President.


Euginia Konya - Co Founder, Operations Director